Why start a Flutter blog

For my first post on my new Flutter development blog, I want to write about why I start blogging and why I chose to focus especially on Flutter. I have finished my study some months ago. Before, I was thankful that I was able to already work the previous 4 years at companies to learn to code not only in the university but also in production. I started to work with Java and communication to some AWS services. After I was able to do some python for SEO analysis and finally worked in mobile development. I am grateful to all the companies I worked in. All focussed on teaching me something and not only let me stay alone and code something with what I can do. In the startup I am now, we not only published an app in swift but also in Flutter (“Ovy Partner” if you are interested). Now, I decided to save my name as a URL and to use this site to write about Flutter. But why?

You never stop to learn

As I mentioned already I worked and studied at the same time over the previous years. By this, I was able to learn something about theory in my study and get some practice at work. At work, I am grateful to all the companies I worked in. The first hired me in although I had no idea of how coding works. For the second one, I applied for swift development without even writing an app until then. And in the third one, I got trusted by a startup to take care of their iOS-App as the only iOS developer without the ability to show an app in the store I coded. Especially in the first two, I was able to learn a lot by other developers. In the third one, I coded a little bit more for me. But our backend developer was helping me still as much as he could do. The same guy was the person who convinced us to build our second App in Flutter instead of native development. This time I had again an experienced developer who was able to code side by side with me to learn by him. So actually, I was able to learn all the time.

The way to learn from now on

I think it is one of the most important things to continue to learn private and not only at work. Sure, at work I will use technologies many times that I was not using before and I will be happy all the time. For example, right now I work for the first time with Apples Health Kit.  But I do not only want to learn what I currently need at my job. This is why I am reading blogs like the one of Iiro Krankka or of the flutter medium community from time to time. Though I have to admit that I forget that too many of the content I forget too fast or that I am using it too less although it is interesting while reading. So I wanted more opportunities to keep in mind what I learn. One of the best ways to save my learnings is by writing. This is why one of the main reasons I started this blog is myself – I want to remember what I learned. By writing stuff down I think I will look at problems in a different way and will have a second look at everything.

Flutter blog because Flutter is the future of app development?

This is only a speculative reason. If cross-development solutions will be used and which cross solutions a lot is still not decided. Yet there are already a lot of jobs for React native. And personally, I think Flutter is way better than React native so that I believe that we will get more flutter job opportunities soon. Also, Apple introduced SwiftUI – a declarative programming style. I think this is the next big win for Flutter because a lot of developers will learn how to code declarative so that they get in touch with it. In the next step, they can notice a lot of the advantages of Flutter. The most important argument is cross-development for sure. But this is only one of the many arguments that you can read everywhere. For example, the development speed is insane. I fall in love with Flutter as I used hot reload for the first time a year ago (And I also love that SwiftUI offers similar functionality).

Flutter vs Swift/Kotlin

In which future you trust is everyone’s own choice. I would be confused if native development with Swift and Kotlin would die in the next years. So by learning those languages or at least have a background in them is always a good idea if you want to find some jobs in companies easier. Instead for Flutter, you can find nearly no jobs (I am happy to see first ones hiring flutter devs) and it will probably still take some time until you can find them. I personally just believe that many companies want to save resources wherever they can. If a single developer can now build an Android, iOS and maybe even web or desktop app the developer could help a for fast development while keeping quality a lot. But most important for me: I have more fun while coding in Flutter than in swift. Before I tried Flutter for the first time I liked Swift so much that I do not want to try Flutter in our company. I was even a little bit upset as our new CTO said we are doing the new App in Flutter and maybe also migrate our old app into Flutter as well. I still wanted to do my swift development. Nowadays I am thankful to him that he convinced me to use Flutter because I like it more.

If I can help only 1 person, I won

In my youth, I was doing some youtube videos about gaming. First, I tried to help people to earn achievements on Playstation but changed my style fastly into just talking about my favorite game and how I played that one. In the beginning, as an uncertain young boy, I had nearly 0 viewers. It didn’t matter for me because I was only happy by sharing my opinion and playstyle. But one day there was the first person who subscribed to my channel, the first person who liked a video and the first person who commented that he liked my video or even learned something how he can play better. All of those first times brought me a feeling of happiness. Until the end, I was happy about every activity on my videos and about every person I was able to help with the tips I showed in between.

The same situation again

I start with nearly the same feelings into my blog. This blog is unknown, I am not a Flutter expert and I blog in a first place because it makes me happy and I can learn from it. Though I know I am not perfect in coding I still think I should share something. And if there will be the first comment one day on one of my articles that is like “wow thanks. That helped me”, I will experience the same feeling of happiness as back in the days. In that moment to blog public and not only private will have a meaning for the first time. Myself, I am super happy about blogs by other people who just tell us how some stuff should be coded or things work in different languages. Everything is about a good community in development. We all can learn by other people and should try to teach other people as well.

And you?

In summary, I use this blog to learn, blog about flutter because I think it will be the future of app development and would be happy if I can help someone with my articles. These are my reasons to start a blog in general and specifically about Flutter. Maybe one of those reasons can convince you to start a blog for learning as well. The blog did not need to be about Flutter. It does not even need to be about coding. As long as you learn something and someone else could learn by your learning process I recommend to publish your work. And like I said if only one person was reading this article because of the thoughts of starting a blog and my tips may be helped you: I would be super happy to hear about that in the comments or on twitter and my little world is a little bit brighter than before 🙂

Where to go from here on my Flutter blog?

This is only my first articles. As some explanations follow on my blog, I will add them here so that you have a starting point to read on my blog.

Have a wonderful day!

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